Thought I would share a view of our woodworking shop. When we have a customer who requests a series of book shelves, or cabinet doors for a built-in cabinet this is the place we make raw wood come to life. When we are engrossed in a challenging woodworking project it is easy to lose track of time. Whether we are performing a glue up of a table top or routing out raised panel doors we have the tools to perform the job efficiently. That means projects are completed on schedule and that makes everyone happy. I have been collecting quality tools for over 15 years. A tool can revolutionize a task in woodworking and at Burkham Built you will never see a cheap tool on our job sites. I say, life is short create with quality in mind both with design and the tools you wield!
When I formed Burkham Built, LLC back in 2005 I wanted to separate myself from my competition by focusing first and foremost on lasting quality. Being surrounded by a profit driven industry of rush and run, I knew I had to offer more to my customers.

Well-designed spaces that function both aesthetically and ergonomically is what we continue to provide to this day.

For example, if a set of windows has custom exterior arched casings that have rotted away, we would re-build the arches and then incorporate composite materials so that it lasts against the elements. There are so many ways in which the right custom design blended with a customer's input can yield beautiful results.